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We use film to bring to life the stories of people using Tech For Good.


Written Content

Follow our blog posts for news, interviews and information about Tech For Good.



We use podcasts to report live from events and to bring to life the stories of people using Tech For Good.


Global Jobs

We regularly post about Tech For Good jobs from all over the world on our jobs page


Research, trends & Insights

We provide research and insights about the field and highlight trends.


Community building

We build community through convening different networks of people and programmes working in the Tech For Good field.


Events & Braodcasting

We build audiences and demand for Tech For Good initiatives through different styles of broadcasting and hosting events


We shine a light on the people & technology making our world better.

Tech For Good brings you the human side of technology for social change. This means telling the stories of how people are using technology to make their lives better and trying to share these stories as widely as possible.

We feature stories, videos and podcasts that demonstrate the potential of Tech For Good, celebrating where it is being used and developed. We reveal the impact that technology has - both good and bad - and encourage debate about the issues that matter now and in the future.

We're also here to help build the movement of Tech For Good - growing demand, connecting the dots, building community through our events, promoting Tech For Good jobs and being a general go-to place for all Tech For Good news.

Who are the people, projects, communities and industries that use technology to create social change? If you want to read more about what we mean by Tech For Good, click here.

Join our journey to discover who is making and building a better world.

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