Peacetech Podcast: Can an App Stop a Bullet?

27th October 2015 18.47


Our latest podcast explores how groups are using tech to help build peace around the world. It is framed around a recent discussion at Google Campus London, organised by International Alert, one of the largest peacebuilding organisations in the world with over thirty years experience.

We talk to some of the leading people in this complex but promising new field, who are bringing innovative approaches to problems old and new, through improved communications, data and networks.

Chaired by Helena Puig Larrauri, co-director of Build Up and an International Alert Trustee, the panel included peacebuilders and technologists with John Ridpath, Head of Product at Decoded, Mariéme Jamme, co-founder of Africa Gathering and Nikki Philline de la Rosa, Deputy Country Manager of International Alert Philippines as well as a specially recorded response from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

We hear from them about how tech can be used for good and bad. For example, it can often help create hidden biases, usually towards a privileged few – but used in the right way it can also recreate gender roles and empower women in vulnerable and violent situations.

As some groups are exploiting new technologies for violent ends, we conclude the podcast by looking at the future – how might we use the same or new tools for a better, more peaceful world?

Produced by Jo Barratt and Beatrice Pembroke for

Music by Chris Zabriskie

Featured Image by Helena Puig Larrauri



"I don't think you can parachute in a new technology and expect it to work in peacebuilding. I think it's about building tech into ongoing peacebuilding processes, and using it as a tool to expand the reach, impact and the participation." Helena Puig Laurrari


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