Podcast:Making the Makers - Tech for Good Meetup

27th March 2015

Check out our coverage of the Tech for Good meetup, 'Making the Makers, young people and digital making' which happened earlier this month at the Kano offices in Whitechapel.

Tune in to hear from Head of Software at Kano, Bethany Koby - Co founder and Director of Technology Will Save Us, Dr Chris Thorpe - Co founder of I Can Make,  and Ursula Davies - Managing Director at Makerversity

The four great speakers talk about how they inspire the young makers of tomorrow. It is thought that in 20 years time manufacturing will once again be a big part of British industry thanks to increasing accessibility to technologies such as 3D printing, so how do we empower the children of today with the tools of the future…and why is this term ‘maker’ suddenly echoing from all corners? Plus why is 'making' important in the first place? They also answer some tough questions about how possibie it is to pass on this notion of 'good' to mini-makers and how they are thinking about new manufacturing paradigms such as the circular economy.

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