Podcast: Digital Nomadism Interview with Ben Vickers, Part 1

31st July 2015

Ben Vickers is a curator, writer, network analyst, technologist and self described luddite. Currently Curator of Digital at the Serpentine Galleries, he co-runs LIMAZULU project space, and is a founding member of unMonastery, a new civically minded social space based on contemporary monastic principles.

In the first of a two-part interview, Jo Barratt talks to Ben about Digital Nomadism. Economic nomadism of one kind or another has been the norm for humans for much of the the last million years which may seem surprising. Ben discusses the reasons he chooses not to rent or own a home why he and others are choosing to adopt this lifestyle.

Produced by Jo Barratt

Music by Chris Zabriskie


"We wanted to create alternative spaces for people to exhibit work and to have a kind of alternative cultural space in Central London. ...We squatted the Iraqi consulate and Knightsbride Hotel before it was knocked down."


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