Podcast: UnMonastery Interview with Ben Vickers, Part 2

7th August 2015 23 mins

This is the second in a mini-series of interviews with curator and technologist Ben Vickers. Last time, we chatted with Ben about his experience of living nomadically. In this episode, Ben gives insights into the principles of the UnMonastary Project.
UnMonastery is a place-based social innovation aimed at addressing the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence. Developed in collaboration with EdgeRyders, UnMonastary is an EU-funded project that aims to challenge existing dependency chains and economic fictions, having now developed into an international, community-run social enterprise.
In this podcast, Jo Barratt talks to Ben about the aims of the project, how an ancient monastic tradition is updated for current age and where the project is headed in the future.
Produced by Jo Barratt
Music by Chris Zabriskie


"Looking towards the institutions that already exist and thinking about how might they be repurposed or become complementary I think is really important. We have to stop thinking about what is the next app that will solve the problem."


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