The Fourth Group: a new politics for the fourth industrial revolution

18th August 2016 Posted by: Leah Bae

We want to create a new politics for the impending fourth industrial revolution.

The Fourth Group formed from a group of peers concerned about how unprepared the political sector is for this new industrial revolution we are experiencing. Technologies like artificial intelligence, mobile technologies, big data, the Internet of Things, mixed reality, and cyber-physical systems -- they will all fundamentally reshape society and the global economy. Digital brings a plethora of opportunities, but also brings massive challenges that will raise massive questions about the future of humanity and increase the inequality gap at exponential rates. As the cornerstone of society, politics needs to learn how to respond in the best way possible. How can we use the technological advancements of this age to create a new politics?

Here’s our opportunity to act.

Building upon the momentum from the ideas in our Facebook group and first meetup, we are hosting our first Politech Hackathon to bring some of the buzzing ideas being discussed to life. We want to bring together people from the political and technology sectors to create a new politics in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. These two communities will be leading the forefront in shaping the future and it only makes sense to be collaborating now.

Over the course of a weekend, participants will ideate and prototype products, services, or platforms around the themes of efficiency, accountability, and political organisation. Want to help change the future of politics? Come and join us to imagine the new technologies to do this.

Will you join us? Grab your tickets here -- we’ll see you September 3rd and 4th at Newspeak House.


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