TFG Ten: traffic robocops, death redesigned and the doctor that never sleeps

7th April 2015 Posted by: Ben Matthews

Welcome to this week’s Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past week.

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Tech For Good Ten: 07.04.2015


1. How to make cities more human

There's no mention of technology - only people.


2. Why the BBC is right to make a game about the refugee crisis

The Daily Mail and the Sun have attacked the BBC for turning the plight of Syrian refugees into a game – but this is the perfect way to get the message across.


3. Technology was absent from the leaders' debate, but it is key to the UK's success

The UK could harness technology for a bright, economic future. If the leaders realised, it would breathe much-needed optimism into a stale political arena.


4. Everyday is history in the making and we are all historians

These residents have stories that, when shared, have the potential to teach others not only about themselves, but also about their communities. A power that they are realising through a new mobile phone app called 'In My Footsteps.'


5. Using predictive analytics to combat problem gambling

Imagine if businesses could easily, automatically protect gamblers from addictive play, spot money-laundering and identify new fraud attacks as they happen - the impact for demonstrating control of customer populations to government legislators would be huge.


6. Traffic robocops are making streets safer in Congo

A group of women engineers are fighting traffic deaths and crooked cops with automatons.


7. The healing power of your own medical records

Medical groups are beginning to allow patients online access to the notes taken by physicians about them. In a yearlong evaluation project, more than two-thirds of the patients reported having a better understanding of their health and medical conditions, adopting healthier habits and taking their medications as prescribed more regularly.


8. Death, Redesigned

A legendary design firm, a corporate executive, and a Buddhist-hospice director take on the end of life.


9. Children’s hospital builds sleep app

A free app to improve children's sleep has been launched by doctors at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London. They think it will help the two million parents in the UK who express concern about their child's sleep and ease pressure on the NHS.


10. The doctor that never sleeps

What if you could text a doctor with a medical question at any time of day and get a quick, thoughtful response?


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