TFG Ten: Internet cafe refugees, joy at work, and will a robot take your job?

17th March 2015 Posted by: Ben Matthews

Welcome to this week’s Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past week. 

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Tech For Good Ten: 17.03.2015


1. Bluetooth beacons could help blind people navigate the Tube

Blind and partially sighted people could soon be navigating the London Underground without assistance thanks to an innovative new system of Bluetooth beacons and bone-conduction earphones


2. My day living by smartphone alone

We have outsourced our most basic needs to the gleaming oblongs in our pockets. Whatever you need to do, eat, get, fix or have sex with, let your smartphone take the slack. To put our brave new world through its paces, I’m spending an entire day living exclusively through on-demand mobile service apps to see what our lives might be like in the near-future.


3. Bristol is making a smart city for actual humans

Known as Bristol is Open, the project will effectively turn Bristol into a giant laboratory and look at how big data can be used to solve problems such as air pollution, traffic congestion and assisted living for the elderly.


4. What happens when a smart device faces a moral dilemma?

The Internet of Things should make our daily lives run more smoothly by assigning decisions to self-sufficient objects, but what happens when an “intelligent” item, such as a driverless car, encounters a moral dilemma?


5. How mobile games became evil

When Apple recently announced that apps generated approximately $14billion in revenue in 2014, they did not mention that the biggest single chunk of that money came from exploiting players with obvious gambling problems.


6. Will a robot take my job?

We are on the verge of a robot revolution and with automation likely to affect the way we do our jobs in the future, many of us are wondering: Will a robot take my job?


7. Museums turn to tech to boost attendance by millennials

Internet technology presents diversions, but may also offer new ways of engaging younger visitors in art, science and history.


8. Tracking joy at work

Work, that oft-maligned but secretly important part of having meaning in life. Why are some days frustrating and others swept in effortless flow? Are bad days shared among an entire office or suffered individually?


9. Internet cafe refugees

The first time Fumiya spent a night at the internet cafe, other people’s snoring and footsteps kept him awake throughout the night. Since that sleepless night, ten months have passed and a little noises like that no longer bother him.


10. The death of writing 

There’s hardly an instant of our lives that isn’t electronically documented. These days, it is software that maps our new experiences, our values and beliefs. How should a writer respond?


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