Tech for Good Ten: Super Global launches, restoring faith in news media, Elon Musk's latest scheme and arm and hand movement restored for a quadriplegic man

4th April 2017 Posted by: Sam Firman

Welcome to the Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past seven days.

We’re aiming to share a wide range of links, meeting the people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing the greatest tech for good products, looking at the future of social change technology, and exploring the themes and social issues that technology is tackling locally and globally.

Most importantly, we’ll be meeting the people and institutions who are actually using this technology, showing the positive difference it makes in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

We’re also encouraging debate around “What exactly is Tech For Good?” Join the debate in the comments below. We’re here to discuss all things Tech For Good. Got a link to share with the Tech For Good Team? Tweet us at  @techfotgoodtv  or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Tech For Good Ten | 04.04.2017

1//  Super Global launches

Super Global, a community of creative and tech agencies committed to working on tech-for-good projects, launched this week in London. Welcome to the (and watch this) space!

2//  A new global coalition to combat declining trust in news

A global coalition of tech leaders, academic institutions, nonprofits and funders, including Facebook, Mozilla and Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark, on Monday announced a $14 million initiative to combat declining trust in the news media and advance news literacy.

3// Worthwhile graduate scheme open for applications

Applications for the Worthwhile graduate scheme are now open. The scheme offers placements and training for top, innovative graduates looking to build leadership careers in the social sector.

4//  Comic Relief tech-for-good programme up and running

The Comic Relief tech-for-good programme, featuring ten excellent projects, started this week. The projects can be found here, and we urge everybody to watch this space. Excellent tech-for-good projects such as Wayfindr have come out of previous cohorts.

5//  Personal Democracy Forum set for this week

The fifth edition of Personal Democracy Forum is set for this Thursday and Friday in Gdansk, Poland. The conference is dedicated to technology, democracy and civic engagement, gathering members of NGOs, activists, public administration officers and journalists. Be sure to stay tuned on social media for the content and ideas that emerge (if you can’t make to Gdansk at such late notice!).

6//  Waorani communities open-source mapping their territory

In Ecuador, Waorani communities are using open-source tools to collaboratively map their territory in order to strengthen their territorial claims in the face of encroaching government-led development initiatives.

7//  Elon Musk attempting to connect our brains with computers

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has launched Neuralink, a start-up which aims to develop technology that connects our brains to computers. What do you think: tech for good or tech for dystopia?

8// My Society civic-tech conference schedule announced

The schedule for My Society’s civic-tech conference, from 25th - 26th April in Florence, has been released. The programme is predictably exciting, and there are still tickets remaining.

9//  Laser robot protecting salmon from parasite

A Norwegian-designed laser-wielding robot is helping salmon farmers fend off a parasite threatening the $10 billion industry. Stereo cameras zone in on the parasite attached to salmon, before a thin laser beam shoots it without damaging the fish.

10// Brain chip restores quadriplegic man's arm and hand movement using thought control

Finally, in a remarkable instance of tech for good, a man in America has become the first quadriplegic in the world to move his arm and hand using thought control after receiving a groundbreaking brain implant.


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