Tech for Good Ten: Skin cancer detection, low cost origami batteries and sweet smelling sanitation

15th June 2015 Posted by: Cat Cochrane

Welcome to the Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past seven days.

We aim to share a wide range of up to date news, meeting the people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing remarkable tech for good prototypes and products and looking at the future of social change technology. All the while, we'll be exploring the themes and social issues that tech is tackling both locally and globally.

Core to our concept of humanising the reach and benefits of tech for good, we’ll be meeting the citizens and institutions who are using technologies, showing the positive difference it makes in their lives, communities and the world around them.

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Tech For Good Ten: 15th June 2015

1 // Skin cancer risk signs detected with Canadian dermoscopic prototype device

MoleScope’s smartphone app technology being connected to doctor networks for virtual check ups.

2 // Is the super growth of smart-phone taxi app Uber putting customer safety at risk?

Uber defend their set up as a whistleblower questions the vulnerability of Uber’s driver approval system.

3 // Are Google’s driverless cars really Tech for Good, or do they simply advent a new era for the car obsessed?

Questions raised of driverless reliability and safety tied to citizen health and the environment.

4 // How the study of public convenience odours aims to improve sanitation in developing countries

By researching the ‘chemical composition of toilet stench,’ scientists are developing a perfume antidote to leave public loos users feeling less flushed.

5 // New breakthrough in prosthetic tech allows amputees to ‘feel’ their artificial limbs

Increased mobility and heightened stimuli experienced with the sensory system of this artificial limb prototype.

6 // New Unicoin currency project aims to improve children’s learning engagement

UNICEF and H&M Conscious Foundation join in a mission to give every child the best possible start in life in ‘lesser recognised communities.’

7 // Microsoft vs mosquitoes: the tech that is ready to fight species' epidemics

While drones seem to being getting a bad wrap from all quarters this one actually does good

8 // The origami paper battery made from super cheap materials and bacteria

The potential is supported for the low cost portable paper power tech to create diagnostic tools for disease control in the developing world.

9 // Young people the focus of new Australian-based app designed to combat mental health issues

ReachOut Worry Time and Breathe encourage over a million youngsters to independently seek advice around stress and anxiety

10 // The one to watch: mobile finance destined to be common use shortly in a flick of the wrist

 The hot topic of mobile payments receives a boost with ever developing wearable technology.


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