Tech For Good Ten: Homeless Data, Street Furniture and Mindful Wearables

19th May 2015 Posted by: Ben Matthews

Welcome to this week’s Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past week.

We’re aiming to share a wide range of links, meeting people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing the greatest tech for good products

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Tech For Good Ten: 19.05.2015


1. Homeless Data

What does homelessness mean in our increasingly connected, so-called digital age? We’re on a journey to find out.


2. 'Street furniture' adapts to the needs of everyone

A Hackney designer has joined with a concrete manufacturer to produce "responsive street furniture" that physically adapts to the needs of those moving around it in public.


3. 'Dr Now' promises London medication delivery within 4 hours

An app that promises users a video doctor consultation within one hour, and medication delivery to London addresses within four, is due to launch in the next month.


4. Mindful wearable is your stress-reducing wrist Buddha

WellBe is a wearable device that analyses and provides stress and calmness levels based on time, location and the people they come into contact with.


5. Injured sea turtle gets 3D printed jaw

A 3D-printed beak has been fitted to a sea turtle injured by a collision with a boat's propeller. The beak, made of medical-grade titanium, replaces the loggerhead turtle's jaws, half of which were sheared off in the accident.


6. Radio Days in South Sudan

To reach the people they need to — internally displaced people and those who remain in danger zones — media and humanitarian organizations have had to find new ways of using decidedly low-tech solutions.


7. Holocaust Survivors Turn to Holograms to Preserve Their Stories

A new initiative ensures future generations will have the opportunity to interact with an important piece of history.


8. Designing digital democracy: a short guide

How parliaments, assemblies and governments should choose the right methods for greater public engagement in decisions.


9. Inspiring computing for young people in the developing world

Who is “the next billion”? Is it the billion people at the bottom of the pile, who don’t even have clean water? Or is it a billion children around the world, in places like China and India, who will grow up and start using the internet as they mature. 

10. Meet people where they are: new analysis on the top best practices in #civictech, according to the people who do the work

From radio activism in Mulukuku, Nicaragua to community journalism in California, question campaigns about Boston’s metro transit future to a “People’s State of the Union” held by creatives, these civic tech case studies represent a diversity of geographies, communities, conditions, and technologies.


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