Tech for Good Ten: Fuse accelerator programme, Health Foundry digital-health collaboration space, Grindr hackathon and more

20th September 2016 Posted by: Sam Firman

Welcome to the Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past seven days.

We’re aiming to share a wide range of links, meeting the people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing the greatest tech for good products, looking at the future of social change technology, and exploring the themes and social issues that technology is tackling locally and globally.

Most importantly, we’ll be meeting the people and institutions who are actually using this technology, showing the positive difference it makes in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

We’re also encouraging debate around “What exactly is Tech For Good?” Join the debate in the comments below. We’re here to discuss all things Tech For Good. Got a link to share with the Tech For Good Team? Tweet us at  @techfotgoodtv  or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Tech For Good Ten | 20.09.2016

1//  Applications open for CAST's Fuse accelerator

CAST has received funding from Big Lottery Fund to expand the reach of its Fuse product accelerator. Fuse is the UK’s first charity digital accelerator, fusing the fast-paced development approach of lean and agile startups with the scale, networks and reputation of established social organisations. Applications for the first three cohorts are open until the 14th October.

2//  Health Foundry set to launch new digital-health collaboration space

The Health Foundry is a new collaborative workspace for people working in or interested in digital health. It aims to become a hub of connected thinking around technology, healthcare solutions and wellbeing. To explore this potential, the Health Foundry is launching with a two day digital health summit on 21st and 22nd September 2016.

3// Grindr to leverage reach for LGBTQ hackathon

Grindr, the hookup app for gay men, is leveraging its reach for tech for good. Born out of Grindr for Equality, Hack4Equality is a hackathon, culminating in a demo day next week at Grindr’s Los Angeles headquarters, aimed at tackling issues that disproportionately affect LGBTQ people such as homelessness and poverty.

4//  EU Commission promises free wifi in European public spaces

In his state-of-the-union speech earlier this week, EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker included a bold promise: free wifi in the public centres of all EU cities and villages. The project has a €120m budget.

5//  Teenager creates anti-bullying app

A teenager has created an app that allows school pupils to find people to sit with at lunch. Inspired by Natalie Hampton’s difficult experiences with bullying at school, the app hopes to tackle loneliness and the negative effects of bullying and ostracisation.

6//  Code for America summit tickets now on sale

Tickets are now on sale for the Code for America summit in Oakland, from the 1st - 3rd November. The Code for America Summit is a roll-up-your-sleeves civic-tech conference that brings together government innovators, civic-minded technologists, and entrepreneurs.

7//  Researchers create 'hybrid power textile'

By weaving photoanodes and triboelectric nanogenerators into cloth, researchers have created a "hybrid power textile.” Someday, our clothing could power our smart watches, fitness trackers or other small wearable devices if the results of new research at Georgia Institute of Technology are any indication.

8//  Tickets now on sale for Disrupt London

Tickets are now on sale for TechCrunch Disrupt London. Disrupt is the world’s leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups, introducing game-changing technologies, and discussing what’s top of mind for the tech industry’s key innovators, and includes a strong tech-for-good focus.

9//  Edovo: using tablets to help educate and rehabilitate inmates

Edovo is using tablets for the daily education and rehabilitation of inmates. Edovo helps to unlock the potential of incarcerated individuals and build pathways for them to make positive changes.

10// New Wave Foods invent delicious fake shrimps from algae

Biotech company New Wave Foods has invented a way to make shrimp out of red algae that look, feel, and taste like the real thing. Shrimp is America’s favorite seafood. The nation consumes more than one billion pounds of shrimp annually. Serving real shrimp on this scale, however, comes at a high cost.


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