Tech for Good Ten: bionic fingertips, how surveillance can stop infectious diseases and the ecommerce platform that highlights female equality

15th March 2016 Posted by: Cat Cochrane

Welcome to the Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past seven days.

We’re aiming to share a wide range of links, meeting the people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing the greatest tech for good products, looking at the future of social change technology, and exploring the themes and social issues that technology is tackling locally and globally.

Most importantly, we’ll be meeting the people and institutions who are actually using this technology, showing the positive difference it makes in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

We’re also encouraging debate around “What exactly is Tech For Good?” Join the debate in the comments below. We’re here to discuss all things Tech For Good.

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 Tech For Good Ten | 15.03.2016

1//  'Bionic fingertip' offers feeling for amputees

This short video shares Dennis Aabo Sorensen discovering feeling his ‘finger’ and distinguishing various surfaces

2//  Mobile phone surveys can help World Food Programme reach hungry people

Contacting people in vulnerable areas by telephone or text is enabling the UN’s World Food Programme to determine who needs food and when

3//  Could better surveillance stop the rise of infectious diseases like Zika?

How Kinsa are helping communities better track, treat and stop the spread of illness through their smart thermometer

4//  This US restaurant becomes the first to be powered by 100% clean energy

Au Fudge in Los Angeles has earned green awards for its dedication to sustainable practices

5//  Backpack pigeons monitor London air quality

Plume Labs has released ten pigeons wearing lightweight sensors to monitor pollution in the city

6//  Climate change deal: 'Zero carbon' laws promised by the UK government

Under current law, emissions must be cut by 80% by 2050, though ministers say this does not go far enough

7//  A recycling bin initiative turns used chewing gum into frisbees

After years in the chemistry lab, Anna Bullus has created a polymer-like material made from recycled chewing gum

8//  Brooklyn's new community micro-grid allows peer-to-peer renewable energy sharing

A New York startup aims to disrupt local energy markets with the introduction of community microgrids

9//  Social media now an “important tool” for monitoring impact of natural disasters

An analysis of social network found that activity during and in the hours following a natural disaster can quickly reveal the extent of damage

10//  E-commerce platform, No Sir, promotes women designers and highlights inequality

Design is one field where there's no dearth of talented women, yet it remains difficult for professional female designers get the same level of recognition


"Female designers have to use email addresses with male names and bring male colleagues to business meetings because they find the reception more favourable; professional women being perceived as the assistant or as the "lesser talent" in male-female teams. - Terese Alstin, founder of No Sir Magazine


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