Tech for Good Ten: Bethnal Green Ventures welcoming applications, a tool for reporting sexual assaults, gloves that translate sign language into speech and more tech for good

10th May 2017 Posted by: Sam Firman

Welcome to the Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past seven days.

We’re aiming to share a wide range of links, meeting the people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing the greatest tech for good products, looking at the future of social change technology, and exploring the themes and social issues that technology is tackling locally and globally.

Most importantly, we’ll be meeting the people and institutions who are actually using this technology, showing the positive difference it makes in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

We’re also encouraging debate around “What exactly is Tech For Good?” Join the debate in the comments below. We’re here to discuss all things Tech For Good. Got a link to share with the Tech For Good Team? Tweet us at  @techfotgoodtv  or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Tech For Good Ten | 10.05.2017

1//  Bethan Green Ventures accepting applications for Autumn 2017 cohort

The excellent tech-for-good accelerator, Bethnal Green Ventures, is accepting applications for its Autumn 2017 cohort. The programme offers £20,000 for 6% equity, an intensive 3-month support programme, free office space for six months and connections to a wide network of investors, mentors and experts. The deadline is 18th June.

2//  Callisto: a new tool for reporting sexual assaults

Callisto is a new online tool for reporting sexual assaults. Created by an all-female team, the system seeks to overcome many of the potential barriers to reporting assaults. One interesting feature is the ability to log an assault but to only report it once another assault by the same perpetrator is reported. Trials are underway at a number of US universities. We highly recommend reading more.

3// Go Jauntly: getting people walking

Go Jauntly is a new app that promotes walking by allowing users to discover and curate walks and share them with others. With summer on the very near horizon, we think this is a great use of tech.

4//  Nominet Trust funds eight tech-for-good projects

The Nominet Trust has funded eight tech-for-good ventures as part of its latest funding round. The projects apply gamification to healthcare, tackle stalking, use speech recognition in a legal context and more. Be sure to check them out.

5//  GLG Social Impact Fellowship open for applications

GLG is accepting applications for its 2017 Social Impact Fellowship. The programme connects social-impact leaders with GLG’s powerful network of experts, and also features an annual convention, conferences, workshops and other learning events. The deadline is 17th July.

6//  Gloves that translate sign language into text and speech

Two students have designed a pair of gloves that translate American Sign Language into text and spoken English. They have won the $10,000 Lemelson-MIT ‘Use it!’ Undergraduate award for their efforts.

7//  Durham police to use AI in custody decision-making

Police in Durham are preparing to go live with an AI system designed to help officers decide whether or not a suspect should be kept in custody by classifying suspects as a low, medium or high risk of offending. It has been trained on five years' worth of offending, but runs the risk of skewing decisions, according to one expert.

8// Swedish supermarket scraps fruit and veg labels

Swedish supermarket chain ICA has replaced produce stickers with “natural branding”: a process that imprints fruit or vegetable peel with the food's name, country of origin and code number using a laser, without affecting taste of shelf life. Beyond saving the hassle of peeling stickers off, the new technique marks a considerable reduction in plastic waste.

9//  Chargie: electric-vehicle charging through the sharing economy

Chargie, a UK startup, is a so-called sharing-economy initiative for electric-car charging points. Given one of the key concerns around electric vehicles is battery life and a lack of charging points, such models could help encourage the switch (and perhaps bring people together).

10// The most retweeted tweet of all time ...

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the world record for the most retweeted tweet has been broken. What earth-shattering geopolitical event triggered this, you ask? A man asking for free chicken nuggets.


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