Tech for Good Ten: Kenya's rural solar kiosks, the big ambition to eradicate TB by 2035 and turning office paper into in-house recycled use

7th December 2015 Posted by: Cat Cochrane

Welcome to the Tech For Good Ten, where we share the best 10 links in the Tech For Good world from the past seven days.

We’re aiming to share a wide range of links, meeting the people behind the latest digital innovations, showcasing the greatest tech for good products, looking at the future of social change technology, and exploring the themes and social issues that technology is tackling locally and globally.

Most importantly, we’ll be meeting the people and institutions who are actually using this technology, showing the positive difference it makes in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

We’re also encouraging debate around “What exactly is Tech For Good?” Join the debate in the comments below. We’re here to discuss all things Tech For Good.

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Tech For Good Ten | 07.12.2015

1//  How solar kiosks in rural Kenya are lighting areas where no electricity grids exist

E-HUBB outlets enable and empower local entrepreneurship and sustainable development in arid communities

2//  The ‘Good Deed Machine’ that's inspired thousands of small acts of kindness

Created with interactivity and animation, the machine’s manifestation of good deeds is powered by suggestions from people across the world

3//  The ambitious plan that’s planning a quest to eradicate TB by 2035

The Global Plan to End TB is calling for investment to help end the global epidemic

4//  The Nevada-based innovation behind storing energy from sun and wind

The power plant that generates energy even when the sun goes down

5//  The rolling CCTV camera that adds peace of mind to home security

SensorSphere’s design takes away the need for a security device in every room of a home

6//  How one tragic night 30 years ago inspired one man to make the earth a better place

Paul Shrivastava’s experience of the world’s worst industrial plant disaster spurred a dedication to shifting the global environment

7//  How to power the road you drive on every time you squeeze the brakes

The Energy Intelligence System harnesses the energy of moving traffic to generate electricity

8//  The mood changer sunglasses designed to aid mental health, balance and creativity

Crown & Flint brand their eyewear with a concern for wearers’ emotions as well as style

9//  New design that turns office paper waste into recycled use

Epson has created a way to turn trash cans full of used paper back into new sheets

10//  Healthy sleep patterns promoted with these colour-changing light bulbs

The C Sleep helps the body shut down for sleep in a way that manufactured light fails to do


“The E-HUBB combines a state of the art design with a total of 2Kilowattsolar panel capacity on the roof as well as enough battery capacity to operate for at least 24 hours without sunshine.” - Jan Willem Van Es, Managing Director of Solar Kiosk Kenya


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