Tech and Mental Health: The Toolbox

13th July 2015 Posted by: Beatrice

We are proud to announce a content partnership with The Toolbox, 'a collaborative social impact organization creating, assembling and curating tools to empower people to transform their lives'. Every week, we'll be sharing content from The Toolbox, as well as having some of our stories on their site.
Since we released our short film Feeling Low, which explores how new technologies are changing mental health provision, lots more has been happening in this field. We recommend reading this article with an update on the latest tech-based initiatives happening in this space by Dr Cosima Gretton from the Singularity University, something she put together in the run up to the Digital Health Forum.
Our friends at The Toolbox have also curated a selection of tools that are relevant for mental health and wellbeing, which include games, sports programs, journals and apps dedicated to women.
Plus we're thrilled that Buddy App, one of the stories featured in Feeling Low, is a finalist in the Tech4Good Awards. Find out who the winners are later this week!



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