Start a mini-factory in your home

16th April 2015 Posted by: Abby

Tech for Good TV want to probe the future of manufacturing, no longer confined to massive factories abroad, making is heading home. The open manufacturing movement gives everyone the opportunity to make things on a small scale, no longer held back by the huge costs and demands of large-scale manufacturing. The Open Workshop Network has a list of places around London where you can go to make things for yourself - this list is just a beginning as these workshops and fab labs can be found all over the world, democratising the power of manufacturing.

Check out our most recent One Minute Wonder film: Makerversity member Ben Redford's rotomolder is totally mesmerizing as it whirls around in two directions to create an even mold. This is the first mini-machine and he has a few more in the pipeline so you can start a manufacturing line in your home. 


To hear more about how making and manufacturing might affect you, listen to our Making the Makers podcast where we explore the people inspiring the next generation of makers and some more critical thoughts on more manufacturing.

The rotomolder isn't available yet but watch out for his Kickstarter coming very soon or pop along to the Makerversity residency at Selfridges from April 30th.

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