Reiss Salustro | Technology Entrepreneurs: The Rise of Tomorrow’s Changemakers

3rd February 2016 Posted by: Cat Cochrane

We’ve partnered with co-founder of Enviromate, Reiss Salustro, this week as he shares ideas around how shifts in entrepreneurial innovation might help solve a variety of social challenges on both a local and global scale


Today we live in a world of ever changing and incredible challenges, opening the floodgates to entrepreneurial solutions that fortify and encapsulate change across industry and borders, not to just create the next mega brand but to focus on solving the global scale issues we face today. Turning sustainability from a business buzzword to the foundations and backbone of commerce. Creating true and unhinged wealth economically and ecologically on a global scale.

Today’s world is in urgent need of disruptive and regenerative solutions to new and existing challenges; be it environmental sustainability, natural resources, poverty alleviation, wealth disparity, access to clean water, public health, the protection of endangered species and many others.

Technology has broken down archaic practices and awoken a global change mindset. Along with the upper echelons of pinnacle mindssuch as Elon Musk or Manoj Bhargavawho pave the way in positive tech, a growing number of socially minded tech entrepreneurs, at grassroots levels in both developed and developing countries, are turning these challenges into opportunities. Growing up alongside technological transformation and innovation has enabled entrepreneurs to overlap for-profit commerce and social impact generation and goals.

What we are seeing today is the rise of a globally connected, united army of socially focussed entrepreneurship that is harnessing technological developments as its weapon in driving true global wealth and change through colliding our commonalities rather than our differences. Welcome to a technology-based social innovation revolution.

How can we propel the invention of profitable, sustainable growth with global citizen spirit, thus creating a paradigm shift into collective humanism? Nurturing, developing and collaborating with the social focused technology entrepreneurs becomes an important cog in the wheel of disruptive transformation and a progression toward a collaborative world driven to re-open current norms and accelerate business under an oath of planet, people, prosperity...

...this will change the world faster than any legislation or laws can.

Enviromate is the UK's fastest growing leftover construction material reuse site, enabling all levels of construction to promote a circular economy through reuse.


"Welcome to a technology-based social innovation revolution..."


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