Extreme living - Podcast:Homelessness and Technology

17th April 2015 Posted by: Cassie Robinson

This is the first podcast in a new series of films, podcasts and writing from Tech For Good TV that will explore themes of housing, home, homelessness and technology.

Our first podcast explores the the impact of digital technology on homelessness. We’d heard of people attaching go-pros to people sleeping on the streets which sounds a bit intrusive – but the footage reveals the realities of their daily lives and builds empathy of their lived experience.

As we explored further we started to think about the bigger issue of homes and technology. In many ways, we’re more connected than ever before – wireless digital technology makes it easier for us to create new identities and be active members of all sorts of different groups. It also increases our physical mobility and our sense of what it means to be part of a group… a state, a company, even a family has become blurred.

So how do we actually use our home today? What do we get out of it? What does it mean to be so networked? Perhaps we don’t even need a home, although most of us think we do. And yet, home ownership is increasingly the defining mark of wealth and power, it skews our economy and creates a wealth consolidation wedge in our city. Homelessness has been a problem as long as we've had homes.

This episode explores questions that the work Nearshot - HomelessPOV are doing in San Francisco - “HomelessPOV repurposes a bit of technology to dispel myths and build understanding around homelessness... with you and your neighbours.”

The next few episodes will look at how homeless people are using technology on a daily basis, how institutions are using technology to engage with the homeless and how technology is being used to revolutionise the way homelessness is measured and understood.


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