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18th December 2014 Posted by: Ben Matthews

NHS apps library: NHS put together a library of safe and trusted apps that can be used to help with your health. Many of those listed below are on there.

Feeling low and panicky in daily life

buddhify: bringing mindfulness to life. buddhify helps people around the world reduce stress, sleep better & be present in the midst of it all.

Headspace: meditation made simple. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day.

Biofeedback game: a video game that gives people skills to manage their emotions through regulated breathing

Ginsberg: app that allows you to be in control of your health and wellbeing. Ginsberg provides smart and personalised insights about how you feel by combining your physical, emotional and contextual information.

Mild to moderate mental health issues

Flowy: a mobile game designed to combat panic attacks. To win you have to solve puzzles that take you through breathing exercises.

DocReady: a site that helps patients prepare for their first mental health appointment:

Moodscope: app that allows you to track your everyday mood and be aware of what causes you to be low/happy. Connects a community of people managing their moods.

QbTech: able to identify, rule out and monitor ADHD more effectively.assists with ADHD assessments and follow-ups by providing unbiased data on all three core symptoms

TalkLife: community monitored forum for people (mainly teenagers) to post about their mental health struggles and support each other. A safe social network where you can get help and give help in a community that understands.

Big White Wall: a community of people who are experiencing common mental health problems who are supported to self-manage their own mental health. According to members, one of the most important elements of the service is the ability to talk freely, anytime, whilst remaining completely anonymous.

LightLog: is a wearable light tracker designed to help sufferers of depression, winter blues & Seasonal Affective Disorder manage their condition by making sure they get the right amount of light, all year round.

Virtually Free: offers a collection of therapeutic games to improve mental health. Their arachnophobia game uses augmented reality to allow you to face your fears in a comfortable and controllable manner.

Already getting treatment

Buddy App: a digital tool to support therapy services. Clients use text messaging to keep a daily diary of what they are doing and how they are feeling, helping to spot and reinforce positive behaviours.

Big White Wall: (often free if getting treatment through the NHS) is a hybrid of a social network and task manager for people suffering from depression and other mental health issues. The site allows users to post thoughts, drawings, and pictures in an anonymized forum that is moderated 24/7, and to access advice from experts online, leave reviews of therapists, and take Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy courses.

SHaRon: Berkshire eating disorders clinical social site, a safe and secure social networking website, designed to support mental health recovery. It is an online environment moderated by experienced clinicians, ex-service users from your own organisation and the voluntary sector, who want to support others using their experiences of what worked for them in their own recovery. Amazing results, been in use since 2010.

Relative/friend/carer of sufferer

Unfrazzle: app helps to uncomplicate the lives of caregivers by providing mobile task management and coordination for family caregivers – it helps caregivers remember and track the full range of their caregiving tasks, and stay in-sync with other caregivers.

SHaRON for relatives and carers: (Berkshire specific - but tell your community about it and request it in your area) provides a 24 hour therapeutic support and advice service across the whole week. It is a safe and secure social networking site, similar to Facebook, dedicated to providing a space for people in Berkshire who are supporting someone with a mental health problem.

Rethink Mental Illness: online video resource for those caring for people with mental health problems

Therapist / clinician / service provider

(also note that all the apps above, as many are for the patient and the service provider)

Social media in mental health practise (PDF)

Article about UK use of apps in Mental Health

Policy maker / researcher

Exploring internet based approaches to support youth mental health in Greater Glasgow & Clyde

NHS 2014 report on the future of mental health and technology

Many articles about latest research on Digital Mental Health products and initiatives

Digital Mental Health Toolkit

E-mental health: what’s all the fuss about?


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