Podcast: Homelessness Interview with filmmaker and activist Daisy-May Hudson

24th July 2015 Posted by: Jo Barratt

In this latest podcast for Tech for Good TV’s series on homelessness we talk with journalist, filmmaker and activist Daisy-May Hudson. Daisy-May fell into homelessness when her landlord sold the family home in 2013, leading to a formative experience that shaped a drive to actively speak out about the issue through filming her life daily for a year. Here Daisy-May-Ma talks about her time struggling with the system, and how she became one of Britain’s 'hidden homeless.' We also discuss her filmmaking practice, explore the ways she uses technology and networks to get her message out, while campaigning for awareness of homeless issues. 

This episode is part of the Tech for Good series on homelessness. Previous interviews have included talks with the creators of homeless POV, a reality TV YouTube channel for the homeless, and Gaia Marcus from Centre Point and researcher Gerard Lemos for an episode on Homeless data

Produced by Jo Barratt


"Very often people didn't associate me with the person they saw in the street."

"[My] film is a portrait of female empowerment...for the thousands of families who are facing homelessness."

"Information and access to the internet allows you to carry on feeling normal and live a normal life when your whole world has been turned upside down."

"I'm now involved in housing campaigns across different estates in London. They said 'you are able to articulate a feeling that I felt for so long on shame and the ability to tell people who I am'."

- Daisy-May Hudson


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