Blockchain – Hype or Hope?

31st May 2018 Posted by: Dama Sathianathan 3 minutes

Six months ago, we hosted a Tech for Good meetup on the blockchain tackling the question of whether it’s just hype or holds real hope. While we’ve heard a lot about the opportunities and challenges on both sides of the coin, we wanted to explore this topic a little further and hear from practitioners about the transformative power it can have.

In this episode of the Tech for Good report, our host Peter Day is joined by author Don Tapscott, Kate Dodgson, Consultant at Humanity X, Raphaël Mazet, founder of BGV venture Alice, Bernhard Kowatsch, Head of the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator in Munich and Dave Shepherdson, co-founder and chief executive of Kaini Industries.

Listen to this episode and let us know what you think.


There is a plethora of resources out there, which look at the use of Blockchain for Good with differing opinions. With all technologies comes the risk of unintended consequences and the need for all of us in this sector to think carefully about the application of technology in a responsible manner.

So we started a reading list to accompany this podcast and hope you’ll let us know your comments and send us suggestions to add more:

A curated list of blockchain being used for social good curated by Nikki Brand at Stanford University

Report: Blockchain for Development: Emerging Opportunities for Mobile, Identity and Aid – GSMA

The WIRED Guide to the blockchain – Klint Finley, WIRED

Digital Currencies and Blockchain in the Social Sector – David Lehr & Paul Lamb, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Blockchain for Good - Ten Principles – Blockchain for Good

Blockchain just isn’t as radical as you want it to be – Rachel O’Dwyer, Longreads

Blockchain for Agriculture: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency and Access to Finance for Smallholder Farmers – Nikki Brand, Next Billion

Can cryptocurrencies and blockchain help fight corruption? – Enrique Aldaz-Carroll and Eduardo Aldaz-Carroll, Brookings

Transforming trust with blockchain – Our Lives + Tech podcast

Beyond the hype: Blockchain for Humanity – Angela Wells, Lara Llopis, Tech’s Good

How refugees are helping create blockchain’s brand new world, Jessi Hempel, WIRED

Inside the Jordan refugee camp that runs on blockchain, Russ Juskalian, MIT Technology Review

Why digital identity cards for Rohingya refugees using blockchain is a bad idea – Wayan Vota, ICTWorks

The blockchain-based journalism platform Civil beginning to turn heads – Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Lab

This new Blockchain Protocol wants to create accountability for Social Impact – Ben Schiller, Fast Company


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