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New funding and support for WorkerTech ventures


17th September 2018

Co-creating a more thoughtful future - the All Tech is Human Summit


8th August 2018 - 3 minutes

Hunting for digital development best practice clues on behalf of small charities


2nd July 2018

Digging the 360Giving Data Visualisation Challenge


25th June 2018

How circular economy startups can make a difference


30th May 2018

Some New Year wishes.

We got in touch with people working across the Tech For Good comm...


14th January 2017

How is Technology Changing Democracy? Post 2/3: Digital Democracy in Action


23rd September 2016

How is Technology Changing Democracy? Post 1/3: Democracy Now


26th August 2016

The Fourth Group: a new politics for the fourth industrial revolution


18th August 2016

Nesta's Tech-for-Good New Radicals of 2016

Each year, Nesta release a list of 50 New Radicals: people and organisations bringing particularly innovative and effective solutions to social ...


15th July 2016

Let's Die Better

As we all wander towards death, most people are asking how can we live longer – but maybe a more pertinent question to ask is how can we die bet...


25th May 2016

Kieron Kirkland | 10 Lessons from Two months within the African Start Up Scene

Today we share the latest article written by Co-Founder and Director of Cast, Kieron Kirkland, at the end of his 8-week experience in Africa as ...


23rd March 2016

Where bikes are king | What Copenhagen can teach the world about two wheels and a shared economy



24th February 2016

Soweto Funeral Services | A reflection of the two fatal flaws lurking in social venture business models

In this latest piece, Cast’s Kieron Kirkland shares his solutions to the inherent glitches in the development of social-enterprise businesses


20th February 2016

Reiss Salustro | Technology Entrepreneurs: The Rise of Tomorrow’s Changemakers

Reiss Salustro shares with us ideas around how shifts in entrepreneurial innovation might help solve a variety of social challenges on both a lo...


3rd February 2016

Kieron Kirkland | Searching for Social Tech in Africa

Today we share the second article written by Co-Founder and Director of Cast, Kieron Kirkland, on searching for social tech on the African conti...


2nd February 2016

Kieron Kirkland | Same But Different — Why UK and South African social tech startups have the same problems

Today sees us share our first article written by Co-Founder and Director of Cast, Kieron Kirkland, on the similar, if nor surprising, challenges...


26th January 2016

Are dragons and unicorns good? A report from London Tech Week

Tech City News reporter Kirsty Styles looks at the 'good' in London Tech Week...


26th June 2015

Start a mini-factory in your home

We got a sneak preview of Makerversity member Ben Redford's rotomolder. It's totally mesmerizing as ...


16th April 2015